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Suspension can carry declined hole aerator
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1, Summarize 

Suspension can carry declined hole aerator UPVC pipes, rubber tube by, air, air is in charge of the soft tubes, bearing connection tube etc. The aerator used in urban sewage and industrial waste water, drinking water treatment of various active sludge aeration pool, contact oxidation pool of new and transform water treatment engineering of the oxygen filling aeration.

2, Characteristics

Suspension can carry declined hole aerator, using aerator windpipe, and water for holding water, body, solved the water buoyancy design.

Aerator two head tube surface intake, and the gas tank gas cylinders, cloth cloth by "U", oxygen efficiency is high, service the area is large, low energy consumption.

Tiny bubbles, uniform, and have a good flow velocity and flow pattern, water resistance small.

The rubber film pipe, micro hole using "U" glyph, shape-shifting performance is good, avoid jams, not easy to be broken, and long service life.

When the aeration aeration device produce swings around, to eliminate bottom sludge, to avoid the sedimentary dead zone phenomenon, increased aeration area and improves the utilization rate of the oxygen.

Aeration if need to increase or decrease in gas, aerator also can increase can decrease, shall not affect the normal operation.

Easy installation, maintenance, no need to water in the pool, without any configuration.

No air purification, need not, without reverse wash water resistance, good performance, suspension buoyancy vent valve installation with no need, management convenient.