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Screw mixed type cutting aerator
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1, Summarize

Screw mixed type aerator is a new type of aeration device, has the corrosion resistance, high efficiency oxygen, it is not easy jam and convenient installation etc. Characteristics.

2, Working principle

Screw mixed type aerator multilayer spiral cutting model for oxygen filling aeration, when air into the aerator, first through the air way spiral cutting system, after cutting into the multilayer jagged cloth, cutting, multilayer assembly.there that bubble cutting into tiny bubbles, so greatly improve the utilization rate of the oxygen, has the Boolean gas even, oxygen filling the characteristics of high efficiency.

3, scope of

Applicable to the large, medium, small industrial wastewater and urban sewage of activated sludge biochemical treatment, biological contact oxidation wastewater treatment of aeration device and adjusting the pool of the aeration, widely used in biochemical treatment push the streaming of aeration and mixed in the pool.