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Cellular packing
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Cellular packing inclined pipe and straight pipe have two kinds of forms, material has polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, ethylene-propylene copolymerization and glass fiber reinforced plastic four. Inclined pipe is mainly used in the precipitation and the frosting role, straight pipe is mainly used in the microbial carriers bio-filter.

1, inclined pipe

Mainly used in the precipitation and the frosting role, is in water supply and drainage engineering in recent years in the most widely used and mature a water treatment equipment. It is widely, the treatment effect of high, low area of the advantages of small, applicable to the inlet except sand, general industrial and the drinking water precipitation, oil separation tailings enrichment and processing. Imported ethylene-propylene copolymerization level or food grade plastic polyvinyl chloride for material, infrared temperature machinery and heat moulding, precise size, non-toxic, has high strength, deformation, welding firmly, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, wall smooth, not easy to mud, support is simple, field assembly, easy to transport and processing water quality conforms to the national hygiene standards of the drinking water, is the treatment efficiency of the highest shall sink devices.

Wet weeks, hydraulic radius is small.

The laminar good condition, particle settlement without interference.

When the length of 1 m, the effective load by 3-5 tons/square meters. When the design. V0 control in 2.5 3.0 mm/SEC effluent water, within the scope of the best.

The inclined pipe, the processing ability is to destabilize the flat streaming traps three to five times, accelerate the clear pool and pulse clarify pool two to three times.

2, straight pipe

Mainly used for bio-filter and high loads ponds, tower bio-filter, submerged type bio-filter (contact oxidation pool) and biological somewhere in the microbial carriers, and the industrial city of organic wastewater biochemical treatment of sewage.

Treatment is more effective than activated sludge. Exposure strength less than activated sludge.

Sludge quantity is little, reduce the sludge dewatering post-processing workload. Such as

The sludge sedimentation produced good, be helpful for sex for the removal of the suspended.

Adaptability is strong, can adapt to the water quality of different range, strong endurance, processing stability.

As long as the operation of the scientific management, the regular large-capacity flush, general won't cause blockage.