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Half a soft packing
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Half a soft packing single piece "by" packing, "plastic casing", "the center line" three parts, all part adopts the acid and alkali resistance, ageing resistance performance is good low density polyethylene, polypropylene as raw materials. The molten plastic injection into by the center hole to the radial acupuncture kind of circular monolithic is half the subject of sex packing, the center in every single piece of rope through the center hole, a single blade nested in fixed between plastic pipe of fire from, into need and into. Length

Half a soft packing heat dissipation, high performance with small resistance, the water cloth gas performance is good, easy long membrane and cut bubble effect, mass transfer efficiency high, organics removal rate high, energy saving, not easy jam, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, can be widely used in organic industry waste water and sewage treatment.