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Elastic packing
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Elastomeric stereoscopic packing is organic wastewater treatment method used in one of the reactor packing. This product selection corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, ageing resistance of propylene match with close water, adsorption, thermal oxygen, processed mix of copolymer as the raw material, the drawing technology both flexibility and a moderate the rigidity of elastic silk, and article ingenious use of mechanical principle will be fixed in the article silk with corrosion resistant, high strength YiGuan rope (center), made of rope. Because in the process of drawing using special process, the elastic surface lead into corrugated article silk and bring burr, through which improve the specific surface area and is beneficial to the microbial attached performance. Wire rope to center for shaft article a spiral radiation shape arrangement. In the water, the three-dimensional fully extend distribution is uniform. Have certain rigid elastic silk of filling article oxygen bubbles to levels of the collision, improve oxygen cutting shift rate and oxygen filling power efficiency, and at the same time, the flow of the article silk got the impact, create a slight quiver and lead into turbulence, increased the water (organic matter) air (oxygen) and microbial contact and improve the mass transfer effect, promote the metabolism of microbes, to strengthen the waste water processing efficiency.

The product is used in oil, chemical industry, textile, printing, dyeing, papermaking, pharmacy, brewing, slaughtering, food processing industry production waste water and city life sewage treatment of the biological contact oxidation pool, biological filter tower in reactor, etc. Has the large surface area than, porosity is high, the oxygen filling performance is good, microbial metabolism fast, not the cluster, does not plug, operation management is simple, the advantages of long life.