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Algae a car transport system
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Algae, is one of the most original of the oldest nuclear plants the algae. Widely distributed, mainly for fresh water region. Often in summer multiply, after the death of corruption in the water form a layer of blue-green and have the XingChouWei floating foam aggravate water quality deterioration, for fish, livestock and has great harm.

My company has successfully developed algae mud conveying system, solved the key technology of algae mud conveying, avoid the transport process produce drip phenomenon.

Algae mud conveying system, by electric car closed the algae measures, hydraulic system, car electric control system, etc. The tracks embedded in the ground, electric car in the track move freely, the car set on DuoGe parking, when a parking Spaces placed on the car with a airtight algae material, the other for parking, and put to spare trolleys with material, will put in a first car parking, to spare with a move away, trolleys electric car, will spare on a parking the car moved to the feeding mouth, pack material under, so, recycling.