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Desulfurization filter
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    Filter is used to remove the harmful gas phase of dust, and based on this equipment desulphurization performance increase, dust is desulfurization. General for the wet sulfur dust catcher, wet sulfur removal have water film desulfurization dusting, impact water bath sulfur removal, etc.

(1) water film desulfurization filter

Water film desulfurization by the dust catcher main cylinder, the upper note cistern, lower spillway, QingLiKong and other components, its working principle is: the dusty air through the import flue into the cylinder body. The cylinder body is a circular cylinder, water from the upper note sink into the dust in the cylinder, so that the whole cylinder wall form a layer of water film from go up and down, flue gas flow by cylinder to cut into the lower, in the cylinder body rotation rise, dust-contained gas centrifugal force in under the action of the wall and the cylinder body always water film friction, so the dusty gas was water film wet, a mote with flow in the dust, from the bottom to the spillway row go. In the cylinder body bottom bottom sealing and a water seal to prevent gas from low slot of leaks out, have QingLiKong to be convenient for the cylinder body bottom to clear. After the dust removal from bottom hole discharge waste water overflow into the sediment basins, the precipitation and and recycling. After purification, the gas cylinder, through the upper cone part, so as to achieve the purpose lead dust. As in circulation pool to join alkaline water, can have a desulfurization effect.

The characteristics of the water film desulfurization dust, low cost, easy installation, light weight, reduce the price of the filter, the user is the ideal boiler auxiliary products.

(2) water type desulfurization filter

Water type dust desulfurization mainly by box body, into the outlet, the drainage outlet, water tank stents. Internal of high temperature corrosion, cement and granite acid and long service life. The equipment is environmental protection and energy saving, convenient operation, cover an area of an area small, do not need to field construction, do not need electricity, water waste very little.