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Pulse bag filter
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1, Summarize

Pulse bag filter since the 50's, at home and abroad since the advent the widely used, continuous improvement, in the dusty gas purification has made great development, because the technology is advanced, the gas out dust cloth than greatly raised, it has processing ventilation, cover an area of an area small, purification efficiency, reliable, simple structure, small amount of maintenance, etc. The dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99%. Is a mature comparatively perfect efficient dust removal equipment. Widely used in food, medicine, feed, metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical, electric power, light industries dust-contained gas purification and dust material recycling.

2, Working principle

Pulse bag filter equipment normal work, dust-contained gas by wind path into the ash hopper, due to the volume of a gas rapidly expanding, part of a thick dust particles by inertial or natural precipitation falls into ash hopper reason, most of the rest of the dust particles into the bag with the rising air filter bag filter, the room, dust particles were stranded on the outside of the filter bag, purified air filter bag by internal into the box, then the valve plate hole, vented into the air vents, so as to achieve the purpose of dust removal. With the ongoing dust filter, and then, when rising resistance resistance to a certain value, the soot cleaning out dust ordered a controller, first will improve the valve plate closes, cut off the air filter; Then, clear grey controller to pulse signal with electromagnetic valve, the valve as the high pressure reverse flow out dust into the bag, the filter bag, and generate strong quickly bouffant dithering, lead to the outside of the filter bag dust, achieve the ashes of the qing dynasty shedding purpose. Divided into several of the equipment to a box area, so the above process is one of the box, a box in clean gray area, and the remaining box in the normal work area is to ensure the equipment for the normal operation. Is able to deal with high concentrations of dust, the key lies in the strong soot cleaning out dust needed time is very short (blowing a just 0.1 ~ 0.2 s).