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Electrostatic precipitator
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1, Summarize

The power of the electrostatic precipitator by control box, the boost rectifier transformer and composed. The power output of the high and low voltage on the dust removal efficiency also has very big effect. Therefore, electrostatic precipitator running voltage required to keep a 75 kV and even 40 100 kV above.

2, Working principle

Using high pressure electric field that happened, the flue gas ionization air dust charged in the electric field and under the action of flow separation. By different sections of the anode shape metal wire, that discharge made electrode. By different geometric shapes of positive metal plate is made, that dust collection electrode. The performance of the electrostatic precipitator by dust, equipment structure and nature gas velocity and so on three factors. The dust than resistance is the conductivity of the evaluation index, it to have a direct effect on the dust removal efficiency. Resistance than too low, motes are difficult to maintain in the dust collection electrode, the return to the air. High resistance than to dust collection of electrode mote out, not in charge of dust formed between voltage gradient will produce the local breakdown and discharges. These conditions can cause dust removal efficiency descend.

3, Characteristics

Electrostatic precipitator compared with other dust removal equipment, low energy consumption, the dust removal efficiency is high, and applies to remove smoke in 0.01-50 µ m, and the dust can be used for high temperature flue gas, pressure great occasion. Practice shows that the treatment of smoke gas, the greater the use of electrostatic precipitator investment and operating cost the economy.