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Biological deodorization device
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1, Working principle

Using natural, after a rigorous screening organic matter or chemical as packing, packing graded reasonable, waste gas after add wet and spray nutrient, and provides the microbial after appropriate growth environment. The device of the investment and low operating cost, can realize no one operation.

In the water, microorganism and oxygen is present conditions, using microbial metabolism oxidative decomposition material, in order to achieve purification smelly gas purpose. Biological treatment can be roughly classified into three process: smelly most carrier (physical adsorption, microbial) inherent Smelly to microbial surface material is spread microbes adsorption; Microbial will smell material oxidative decomposition. Do not contain nitrogen of odour material break down into CO and H2O, sulfur substance was the stench

Solution into S, SO32-SO42-nitrogen stench material is broken down into NH4 +, NO2, NO3- -

2, performance characteristics

Effectively remove, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide VOCs pollutants such as, deodorization effect also is very good, above 95%.

No secondary pollution.

Equipment operation initial small quantities dosing nutrition agent, microbial through the food and waste gas absorption can always be in good activity.

Automatic adjustment waste gas concentration peak, and microbes can always work, impact resistance load capacity.

Packing than large surface area and biological film gives birth to drop resistance, corrosion resistance, biodegradable, protect wet performance is good, pore ratio is high, the pressure loss of small and good cloth gas and other characteristics. The water

Automatic operation, no special management, daily maintenance management convenient, the operating cost is very low.

Long service life.

3, scope of

Urban sewage treatment plant, sewage pumping station.

Junk yard, waste plant and refuse transfer station.

Pharmaceutical factory, paper mills, PiGeChang.

Organic, inorganic chemical industry factory.

Food factory, farming, the brewery.

Feces pretreatment station.