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Space atomization spray deodorant device
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1, Structure

Space spray deodorant equipment is spray nozzle, by dispensing trough, pipes, precision pump, solution filters, check valve, the liquid level controller, pressure controller, points the gas system and PLC control system and other components, may realize the automation control or manual control.

2, Working principle

Dispensing slots will dilute the mixing plant liquid deodorants, through the pump injected gas to liquid distribution ark, supply to the distribution pipeline; Through the special spray nozzle spray deodorant timing will be after spraying in polluted space above. Because the nozzle of the unique design, in liquid through the nozzle jet occurred prior to the strong spiral movement, has some of the momentum and centripetal force. When compressed air into the high pressure, change the original spiral movement, made strong track of droplets of shear, and because the air pressure far outweigh the liquid, momentum is also far outweigh the liquid. The law of conservation of momentum can know liquid injection nozzle the momentum was out when significantly. Be shear droplets spray to all round after the momentum is great, can form a large service area, form good atomization effect. Tiny droplets are formed on the surface of great surface energy and surface area, make efficient than imported plants non-toxic effective liquid deodorants molecular adsorption odor molecules in the air more, and make the three-dimensional structure changes peculiar smell and make complete decomposition. The control system can according to actual condition, adjust running time and operation time interval.

3, Characteristics

In the space of little.

Do not need to increase the civil engineering and collection system.

Can be used in indoor also can be used in outdoor.

Not suitable for someone in place. Frequent

Installation is simple, easy to operate.

Low operating cost.

1, application scope

A waste transfer station.


Large outdoor junk yard.

Garbage separated factory.

The rubbish power plant.

Urban sewage treatment plants.

Industrial wastewater treatment plant.

The underground parking lot.

Animal farm.