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Vortex concave floating
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1, Summarize

Vortex concave floating device mainly by the aeration QiOu, floating area, scraping the slag system, scum collection system and drainage system composition. Can effectively remove the water oil, jelly and suspended solids, and to reduce the COD, BOD, SS and exclusively to improve obviously, and the color of the water quality. Mainly used for papermaking wastewater, chemical industry, printing, dyeing, food industry etc industrial sewage purification of the processing.

2, Working principle

In the process of sewage up by adding period ending drive-three tanks and produce tiny bubbles, fully mixing ending drive-three tanks on the surface will air through a pipeline transfer to underwater. Breeze Ending drive-three tanks work principle is to use air pipes in the bottom of the high speed rotating impeller scattered gas in the water, forming a vacuum, liquid surface area of air through the ending drive-three tanks, vacuum in the input water, tiny bubbles caused and spiral to rise to the surface of the water, the oxygen in air will be one with the water.

Because gas and liquid water mixture between the density of imbalance, produced a vertical buoyancy, will SS to the surface. Floatation process, tiny bubbles will adhere to SS, arrived at the water will depend on these bubbles after SS support and sustain on the surface of the water. Floating on the surface of the SS are continuous chain mud scraper cleared. Mud scraper along the liquid surface movement and will SS from floating slot to push the inlet side of the export of pipe the discharge line sludge. Sludge the discharge line have level of propellers, collection of sludge into mud collecting pool.

3, Characteristics

(1) save investment

Don't need to dissolve the pressure tank, air compressor, circulating pump and affiliated equipments. The equipment can remove the grease, glue sewage of content, solid suspended solids, COD and BOD. Use as raw materials by the manufacturer of the waste paper deinking bleaching and other production process of wastewater produced without level 2 biochemical treatment can be discharged or reuse, thereby significantly reducing the overall investment cost.

(2) high efficiency

And the traditional spoke to destabilize instead, can will flow from wastewater sludge of solid automatically be removed from the sludge removal and storage is concentrated way, this equipment collected floatation sludge concentration of 3%, so also reduces the cost of sludge treatment.

(3) low operating cost

Vortex concave air floated equipment consume power tiny, is only dissolved vapor of traditional air flotation 1/5-1/8, and low cost of maintenance, artificial operation, less during normal operation, without artificial the guards.

(4) sticks to reduce

Vortex concave air floated equipment to wastewater treatment itself is a good oxygen process, and sludge is in "fresh" state has been removed, no active sludge, biological membrane method, gravity settlement resulting pool of flies, filter smell, that a worker operating environment has been much improved.

(5) cover an area of an area small

Ability to deal with 5-500 cubic meters/hour sunken the vortex air flotation machine equipment installation area of only 10-110 square metre.

(6) convenient installation

For vortex concave floating machine equipment supporting engineering, ground, high are less can be installed, take up the space is small.