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Chemical except the oil
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1, Summarize 

The chemical oil wastewater treatment is the oil content low concentration oil removal device, through the dosing chemicals, by mixing reaction to the oil and water after the suspended aggregation and flocculation the role isolated, reach settlement of the purpose of purifying water quality. Widely used steel, petrochemical, oil field, mining, machinery and other industries, oily wastewater treatment.

2,Working principle

The chemical oil wastewater treatment is the oil content low concentration oil removal device, wastewater petroleum concentration shall not exceed the highest 35 mg/L, the oil content of water less than 10 mg/L. High oil content of the waste water required to pass through every oil, gas float or belt type except oil process before.

The chemical oil device is a kind of way, oily wastewater physico-chemical treatment in the coagulation agent and coagulant interaction under, condenses into contact with viscous material, and adsorption in waste suspended particles, increase the proportion of their own and sinks, achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation and purification of water.

The chemical oil device set chemical reaction area, get together the area, the precipitation area of water area, as one of the centralization of the equipment, with simple operation, stable performance, and the effect is significant and other advantages, is a steel industrial cooling water treatment ideal treatment facilities.

3, Scope

Professional steel enterprise, the petroleum chemical industry used, oil field, shipbuilding fold shipyard, oil tankers cleaning, mining, machinery processing industries of oily wastewater treatment.

When water oil in 35 to 45 mg/l, SS content 200 mg/l or so, its water oil in 10 mg/l the following, SS content in 25 mg/l below.