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Every oil pool
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1, Summarize 

The grease trap is the use of oil and water, the proportion of the differences in wastewater separation remove particles of the suspension of large oil a device.

2, Working principle

Utilizing the waste water in the proportion of suspended solids and the purpose of the separation and to achieve different. The grease trap structure using flat streaming, more oily wastewater into the sink fitting for rectangular plane between oil pool, slow flow direction along the level, flow in floating in the water, oil by set in the tubing or set pool scrape oil machine delivery to set off the pitcher into oil. In every oil pool precipitation down heavy oil and other impurities, accumulation to sludge measures, through the row mud tube into the sludge in the tube. After oil separation treatment of wastewater is overflowing drainage pool outside, into from a follow-up treatment, to the removal of emulsified fuel and other pollutants.