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Buried sewage treatment equipment
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1, Summarize 

With the economy and the growth of the population, to the nature of the pollution of the human value, more and more get in summarizes the domestic and foreign sewage treatment operation of the plant based on the experience, we design a set of complete set can be ground organic wastewater treatment equipment, its equipment with ninety s the domestic and international advanced technology and production technology, produce to glass reinforced plastics, carbon steel as the main raw material of the sewage treatment equipment. The goal is to make life sewage and anything like organic wastewater treatment by the industrial equipment after treatment to user's emissions standards. Equipment is mainly used for residential district (including villa district), senior hotel, hospital, comprehensive office buildings and all kinds of public buildings the sewage treatment equipment, by the treatment of the outlet water quality, achieve national emission standard. Full set of equipment are buried in the ground, it is called "buried sewage treatment equipment".

Buried sewage treatment equipment adopt international advanced biological treatment technology, can remove BOD5, COD, NH3-N, technical performance is stable and reliable, and the treatment effect is good, investment, covers an area of less province, easy maintenance.

2, Characteristics

Bury in below the surface, the equipment can be used as the top surface green or other land, do not need to house construction and heating, heat preservation.

Level 2 biological contact oxidation process all use push streaming biological contact oxidation, the treatment effect is better than completely hybrid or level 2 series completely hybrid biological contact oxidation pool. And than active sludge pond small volume, the adaptability of water quality is strong, impact resistance load performance is good, stable discharging water, won't produce sludge expansion. Pool using new elastomeric stereoscopic packing, specific surface area is big, microbial easy, take off membrane, hang film in the same load conditions, the organic matter on organic removal rate is high, can increase the oxygen in air in the water solubility.

Biochemical pool by biological contact oxidation method, the volume of the packing is lower, microbial load in their own oxidation in order to break, mud quantity is little, only three months (90 days) above a row mud (DE la villette pump or with dehydration into mud cake sinotrans).

The buried sewage treatment equipment of deodorization in the way, and the other is equipped with conventional air exhaust soil deodorization measures.

The whole equipment processing system equipped with automatic electric control system and equipment fault alarm system, safe and reliable operation, usually generally do not need to staff management, just in the maintenance of the equipments.

3, Scope

Hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals.

Residential district, villages and market towns.

The station and the airport, seaport pier, ship.

Factories, mines, army, tourist spots, scenic spot.

And life sewage similar all kinds of industrial wastewater.