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Pipeline mixer
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1, Summarize

Pipe mixer also called tube type of static mixer, in water supply and drainage and environmental protection project of dosing all kinds of coagulant, coagulant, ozone, liquid chlorine and acid &alkali neutralization, gas mixture water is very effective, is dealing with various potions achieve instant water mixture of ideal equipment, with fast and efficient mixing, simple structure, saving energy consumption, small size and other characteristics, in does not need to the outside dynamic circumstances, the water through the pipe mixer can produce tap, cross mix and reverse rotational flow three role, to join the elixir, evenly spread quickly to the water to the purpose of the moment, mixed, mixing efficiency is as high as 90 ~ 95%, may save the reagent about 20 to 30%, to improve water treatment effect, save energy has the great significance.

2, Structure, principle

The mixer is general by three mixed pipeline unit (also can be mixed according to the performance of the medium to increase or decrease sessions), each day mixed units have a 180 ?? distorted fixed screw vane (or 90 cross plug-in boards blade), points and a right-handed left-lateral two adjacent two sections, the spiral blade rotation direction instead, and 90 ?? is wrong.

The spiral mixer blade fixed, only is the medium is mixed along the vane motion, the fluid through it in addition to produce step-down outside, not the energy, mainly is divided, radial flow mixed, the negative spin, two kinds of medium mixing, increasing the spread to mixed purpose.

3, Scope

City life in the water and industrial water treatment with an all sorts of coagulant, coagulant on the mixing action.

Urban sewage and industrial waste water treatment with an all sorts of coagulant, coagulant on the mixing action.

Water and environmental protection water mix, dosing quantity of liquid chlorine, such as ozone disinfection reagents.

Industrial wastewater by acid &alkali neutralization mixed effect.

Several industrial waste water mixed with the equalization.