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Automatic dry powder dosing device
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1, Summarize

Automatic dry powder dosing device a continuous automatic dosing equipment, water supply, water drainage in field and a wide range of applications, is necessary in physico-chemical treatment of a component. System run reliably, can eliminate the loss caused by human error, save manpower, optimize the elixir efficiency, improve the production quality and the management level.

2, the function and characteristics

Highly integrated integration equipment.

A high degree of automation, the whole system of intelligent control by the microprocessor.

The equipment is small, simple operation, easy installation, the scene of water and power supply installation is connected.

Work safe, reliable, and equipment failure, the system will automatically shut off, and issued a warning signal.

Stable performance, automatic control according to the change of water flow type, automatic regulation dry powder dosing quantity.

Good corrosion resistance, contact with the media place all adopt the engineering plastics and stainless steel material.

That is used in powder which particles, fiber content to wait, material, also suitable for the preparation of the liquid material and additive.

3 and performance characteristics

The device can be set according to dissolve medicine after in high and low level to realize the automatic additive agent dry powder, automatic feed water mixing and dilution, quantitative continuous dosing. Can make efficient deposition uninterrupted drug supply automatically.

Dry powder preparation and dosing device in the solution of liquids in medicine low when automatically start dry powder dosing machine inflow electromagnetic valve dissolve medicine. Solution to stop automatically until high, system is running mixer has been in working status. Two sets of mixing device ensure that dissolve fully.

Dry powder preparation and dosing device configuration of the corresponding material place plan, electromagnetic valve, the level, including dry powder, flowmeter dosing machine, mixer, dry powder infiltrating device, dosing pump, according to process flow rate can be need adjustment, and the adjusting range is extensive.

Pipe lines using stainless steel pipe and high strength plastic pipe, tidy, organic combination of formal, clear, no leakage, excellent corrosion resistance.

Mixer, dry powder dosing devices are made of stainless steel.

Dissolve the medicine by strengthening a and stents with quality engineering plastic material together, also can choose and buy is made of stainless steel materials.

4, scope of

Dry powder dosing system used for material, need to dry diluted concentration to need to deal with add after in the liquid. The system used in the following areas:

Reliable and accurate solution to add configuration of the concentration of the occasion.

Preparation are difficult to dissolve, dissolved at a slower speed or easy clot of potions.

Operation load change is big, or change the frequent occasion.

Large doses to dissolve and continuous reagent addition occasion.