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JY type dosing device
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1, Summarize

JY dosing system has three models, to have three parts: divine mixing system b. Y solution slot c. Measurement dosing device.

(1) JY-I and II type process description:

Mixer: the impeller is promoting mixing, impeller was wheeled, for impeller and stirring shaft of general made of stainless steel, special circumstances can also line model, and its function is to make dosing of water and solutes (solvent) according to the certain proportion made the fully mixing after can.

Solution: used for mixing storage tank has the solution for dosing device use, at the same time ensure dosing device can work continuously.

Measuring dosing device: flow rate can be stepless quantitative allocate, for some use for straight.

(2) JY-type III process description:

Mixer: have the stirring chest and mixing device component. Mixing slot, stirring the way lined with glass fiber reinforced plastic push streaming, and its function is stirring impeller will vote of the solute and add water (solvent) according to the certain proportion after preparation can fully mix.

Solution: there is, deputy slot solution box two groups, is a solution for equipment during normal working box continuous use, vice solution for the continuous box of coagulant dosage, drug delivery process can spare run continuously, solution is stirring chest box and independent system, all can be used independently. Administration also can deposit box solution are two kinds of agents, certain occasions and additive.

Measuring dosing device: two solution, using the box solution metering pump additive, and are in any one and only used alone.

2, scope of

Water purification treatment process, used for solution of alumina, alum, alkali type alc13, ferrous sulfate, chloride-ferric chloride etc of coagulants and additive.

In sodium ion method in water softening, for the preparation of salt, renewable solution.

In the waste water treatment process of floating, precipitation, used for aluminium, alkali type alc13, ferrous sulfate, hexahydrate, etc and the dissolution of additive.

Other water treatment, such as water quality, stable, and boiler water treatment used to dissolve solid sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, soda and phosphorus-containing, molybdenum department to wait salts compounds.

Water disinfection, can use preparation and dosing bleach disinfection liquid. So this machine can be used not only water treatment coagulation precipitate, also can use water disinfection.