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Mechanical filter
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1, summarize

Mechanical filter is to use one or several filter medium, under the pressure of certain, so that through this medium ones, remove impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of the filter. Mainly used in water treatment, soft water, except turbidity electrodialysis, reverse osmosis first class pretreatment, also can be used for surface water and ground water, etc. It can remove the suspended in the water, organic matter, colloid, sediment, etc.

2, Working principle

Mechanical filter and says many media filters, quartz sand filter. Is a kind of pressure type filter, the use of filters in the refining filling quartz sand filter material, when water flows through top-down filter layer, the water quality of suspended solids and viscose granules are removed, so that the water turbidity reduced.

3, Range

Widely used in electronic electric power, petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, pharmaceutical plating, paper making dialysis, food and beverage, living and drinking water, factories and enterprises, such as water swimming pool. Can meet various industries need liquid filtration.

4, Characteristics

Equipment low cost, operation cost is low, management and convenient.

Filter material after the wash DuoCi can use, filter material life long.

Filtering effect is good, cover an area of an area small.