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Activated carbon filter
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1, Summarize

Activated carbon filter is mainly used for water and wastewater treatment systems to remove the water of organic matter, chroma and residual chlorine. Loading different performance activated carbon, can achieve different treatment purposes. When as the ion exchange before processing system application, can effectively ensure the ion exchange resin, improve the service life of the effluent water, prevent pollution, resin poisoned affect the normal use.

2,  Characteristics

Absorption force is powerful, the surface has a lot of carbon particles of holes, invisible to the naked eye can water all the smelling, pigment, organic objects and residual chlorine and filter it suck the water quality will be colorless, odorless, odorless, clear very.

3, Working principle

Activated carbon filter work by carbon bed to finish. Composition of activated carbon particles carbon bed has a lot of micro hole and specific surface area of the huge, and has a strong physical adsorption ability. Water through the carbon bed, organic pollutants in active carbon adsorption by effectively. In addition carbon surface have some part non-crystalline with oxygen tube, make through charcoal can group of organic pollutants in water bed of be active carbon adsorption effectively. Activated carbon filter is a kind of more commonly used water treatment equipment, as water treatment desalination system can effectively guarantee before treatment after the service life, improve equipment level of outlet water to prevent pollution, especially after class to prevent reverse osmosis membrane, ion exchange resin and so on more than the determination of free oxygen toxicity pollution.

4, Scope

Mainly used for reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, ion exchange, ultrafiltration, soft water system, and is also used in dealing with before drinking water depth, municipal water treatment with concentration, water reuse processing.