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Fiber bundle filter
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1, Summarize 

Using the high quality fiber bundle filter material, may realize the deep water filtration purification of, have high precision filtration, filter speed fast, cut and large capacity, low operating cost, reverse wash save water, long service life excellent performance characteristics, widely used in all kinds of water supply system environment. Widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, coal carbon, metallurgy, electronics, papermaking, printing, dyeing, medical, tap water, beverage, urban sewage and other industries, to the masses of users create considerable economic benefit and social benefit.

2, Characteristics

Filtering precision: the water suspended solids removal reaches as high as 100%, the coagulation of good deal with natural water, the turbidities of 20 NTU, the filter effluent turbidity can control to 2 NTU below.

Filtering speed: generally is 30 m/h, is the traditional filter 3 ~ 4 times.

Cut large capacity: general and for 5 ~ 10 kg/m3, it is traditional filter 2 ~ 4 times.

Can accommodative strong: filtering precision, cut and capacity, filter resistance parameters according to need to adjust.

Cover an area of an area small: making the same water, cover an area of only a third of the traditional filter ~ 1/2.

Low operating cost, operation cost less than traditional filter.

Water-consnmption is low: for the periodic output amount of fabricated water only 1 to 3%, usually available raw water to clean.

Long service life: equipment should be replaced for filter yuan, filter yuan is pollution, can easily for cleaning, restore its filtering performance, filter yuan life not less than 10 years.

3, scope

Industrial water supply system, cooling water filter, the network of water filtration, high pure water with preparation, sewage treatment system, groundwater depth in iron and manganese, living and drinking water, baths water cycle treatment, etc.