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Automatic filter
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1, Summarize

Automatic filter opened the new trend of the filter technology domestic. From water, filtering, water out, reverse wash and sewage, etc all by hydraulic role to realize automatic work, need not special operation management. Have to save water and electricity, quarter, covers an area of small, artificial sewage little, etc.

2, Working principle

This filter device of electric control, no no, no special type of valve. In vitro do not set reverse wash system and water tower. When the top of the filter material suspended rises, filtered water velocity decrease gradually, the water level gradually raised, meets the height (negative pressure) line to become siphon, a few minutes later the current quickly change the direction and together with the committee in the body of water in the high water tank and fast from the bottom up, when washing water tank of water to high levels, a damage in and stop water intake siphon, quickly go back to the original direction into water.

3, scope of

Automatic filtering device, mainly used to remove the water granular impurities, solid content and suspended can form the filter, the precipitation adsorption to meet the various different USES of industrial water and life in the water.

3.1 used in town, the countryside, and mining enterprises and other places of tap water purification is filtering device.

3.2 used in oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, textile, medicine, light industry, machinery and other production process of the circulating water filter device.

3.3 for senior hotel, restaurant, shopping malls and villa, water and a swimming pool of purification process device.

3.4 for boiler soft water and electric power industry of water treatment equipment.

3.5 used in food, industry and beverage industry of water treatment equipment.

3.6 for wastewater treatment process, the ZhongShuiDao for reuse and purify the filtering device.