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In addition to iron and manganese water purifiers
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1, Summarize

In addition to iron and manganese water purifiers used the aeration, manganese oxide catalytic, adsorption, filtering for removing iron and manganese principle, the use of aeration device will be the oxygen in air Fe2 + water and Mn2 + oxidation to not soluble in water Fe3 + and MmO2, combined with natural manganese sand catalytic, adsorption, ion of fe and mn water filter will remove the latest technology, the "active biological membrane contact oxidation method", do not need to add any elixir, has cast operation is stable and reliable, strong applicability of water quality, the process of high efficiency, and the economic benefit is remarkable etc. Characteristics.

2, Working principle

Groundwater iron and manganese general with bivalent state is, the main principle of water purification equipment is: will contain iron (mn) by the aeration groundwater, water (mn) began to iron oxide, when water through the manganese sand or special quartz sand filter layer filter, as the filter material chemistry and filter material surface (mn) iron bacteria (many buds cell contains the iron bacteria, embroidered jia's iron bacillus, single-celled iron bacteria and rust, makes the hair bacteria etc) biochemical role in the filter material layer in the beginning to happen biochemical reaction, contact oxidation reaction and physical intercept adsorption effects, and the process of common function may be greatly quicken the fe (mn) water oxidation, curing and remove, thus achieve the desired effect.

3, scope of

In addition to iron and manganese mainly suitable for water purifiers GaoTieGao fierce region except the groundwater iron and manganese, industrial water softener, except the pretreatment of the salt water.