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Automatic water purifiers
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1, Summarize 

    Automatic water filter is the collection coagulation reaction, precipitation, filter, automatic siphon type reverse wash, automatic row mud in one of the efficient automatic water purification equipment. The equipment is cover an area of an area small, lower cost and easy management, equipment complete after testing manual control, can realize full-automatic operation all-weather.

2,  Working principle

    Sewage pump to ascend into the pipe mixer, through the dosing device in the pipeline mixer on dosing flocculant (PAC/PAM), this time with the raw water in the pipeline mixer potion of after contact reaction into fully automatic water purifiers high concentrations of flocculation reaction chamber, the suspension colloid and part of the impurity, viruses, bacteria in coagulant under the function of instability and the generated large chunks of flocculation body-" flower ", "" take up into inclined pipe, inclined pipe in precipitation area under the effect of velocity, reduce are sinking, rising water flowers, thus achieved the spate separation, flowers are sinking has the very good adsorption function, can absorb the water the flowers are rising, together, and reducing the level down after load. The precipitation inclined pipe water most of the suspended material, colloid has been removed. The precipitation inclined pipe water to water district collects water collected by weir rose to high water tank, the high water tank evenly distributed to each filter village, the filter the water, colloid suspended the impurities such as further removed, so as to achieve the water requirements.

    Sediment basins in a period of time after operation, because the precipitation increase of sludge impurities, the vats sludge reaches a certain location (row mud of time a set value), time controller will signal feedback to electric valve and open electric valve row mud, the row mud that close row mud valve (set according to time run).

    Filtration ponds operation after period of time, because the filter material layer caused by constantly suspended, filter layer of resistance increases, through the filter layer flow reduction and siphon tube water level in rising up, when the water level to siphon tube auxiliary, water mouth since the pipe down, can smoke trachea, so as to take down tube, the air in the siphon siphon up and down at the water level in both rise, the two eventually join to form a continuous flow of water, so the siphon wash water through the filter layer for backwashing, filter layer expansion, rinse water carried by waste water discharged into the ditch. Well after When the wash water level to siphon damage when a siphon tube below, damage, destroy, flush the siphon end, start filtering.

3, process characteristics

3.1 the precipitation inclined pipe and sediment: stay time is short and deposition efficiency high, cover an area of an area province.

3.2 the inclined pipe in the direction of flow to the vision, improve the flow of liquid surface load.

3.3 filter using DuoGe filter area:

1) one-time backwashing water, reduce the wash water less the capacity.

2) the wash, other filter area is water production, the water, the water supply constant and a small amount of water to wash the supplement, filter layer sufficient counter wash water.

3.4 the wash the siphon damage to stop a siphon tube all damage: in which a siphon, in order to prevent damage of siphon tube inlet and destruction that the wash not to complete destruction, when affecting the water making cycle.

3.5 the device adopts the principle of gravity, siphon automatic control, not only the maintenance and maintenance system of small amount, and reliable operation; Stability.

3.6 to filter through precipitation surface load, effective water depth, sludge measures of the parameters such as design, rational choice, so as to increase the solid-liquid separation effect.